Adventure Tour Kosher

Glatt Kosher Gourmet African Safari Adventure and Holiday Tours

Private and Group Kosher Vacation Tours for the Frum Traveler

Explore Africa like a mensch - with gourmet kosher food and no compromise on quality or price.

Adventure Tour Kosher

Glatt Kosher Gourmet African Safari Adventure and Holiday Tours

Private and Group Kosher Vacation Tours for the Frum Traveler

Explore Africa like a mensch - with gourmet kosher food and no compromise on quality or price.

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Kosher Safaris

We travel to South Africa and East Africa, including Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Browse our Kosher Vacation Packages to find the right Kosher Travel tour to meet your needs. Which African Kosher Adventure Tour track suits you best?

Gold Track

Our kosher luxury Safari tour to South Africa and East Africa is a once in a life-time opportunity! Highlights include helicopter flights over Victoria Falls, elephant rides in the Safari, and adventures in Table Mountain and Kruger National Park.

Private Tours

Wherever you want to go in South or East Africa, whatever it is you need, we will customize a Kosher Holiday Safari Tour designed uniquely for you! See only the sites you want to see, stay in accommodation that suits you, and do it at your own pace.

Silver Track

See Kruger National Park’s big five, travel the famous Wine Route, visit Table Mountain, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, go whale watching, see African penguins and visit the Cape of Good Hope.​​

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Kosher African Adventures Tours

Kosher Gourmet Food

Forget shlepping canned food because of kashrut worries. Wherever we go there’ll be a first-class chef and team, plus a mashgiach, to prepare three kosher le’mehadrin meals a day for you. Relax and enjoy a real culinary experience, all approved by Badatz Cape Town.

Best Value

A great Kosher Adventure Tour, with the best of everything, doesn’t have to cost the earth. We pride ourselves on offering the most exciting Kosher African Adventure Tours, the best hotels, the finest meals and a wide variety of attractions, all at the lowest prices in the Kosher African Safari Holiday Tours business.


We take care of everything, from your freshly-ground morning coffee to your gourmet dinner at night, prepared by our seasoned chefs. Plus sandwiches and treats on the road, and much more. Our expert tour guides know the sights, sounds and wildlife of their local area inside out and will be happy to answer any questions.

Luxurious hospitality

Being out in the wild doesn’t mean cutting corners on quality accommodation. Our travellers enjoy Western standards of luxury at some of South Africa’s finest four and five star hotels. We also offer the option of private reserves and VIP retreats when out on safari.

VIP service

Africa’s huge, so we fly when it's faster, to make sure you spend more time seeing the things you want to see. And we smooth the way, so that you enjoy the fast VIP treatment crossing borders between the countries we visit.

Religious Experience

We take care of everything – minyanim, kosher food, and an amazing Shabbat atmosphere. So as you marvel at the magnificence of God’s remarkable creatures and exquisite landscapes, you won’t have to trouble yourself with finding a tenth man or a bottle of Kiddush wine. Above all, we provide personal attention that will turn your adventure into a trip to remember. Why? Because when we measure cost-benefit it is clear that 'Glatt Safaris' is the most worthwhile choice.

Check out what our clients have to say about our Kosher Safari Tours:

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5 Stars - Based on 104 User Reviews
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  • Chavi Feldman Avatar
    Chavi Feldman
    Lakewood, NJ
    Dear Chananel, Thank you so much for helping us have the most incredible experience in Africa! From the amazing itinerary to the excellent kosher food, we could not have done it without you!! Thanks for providing us with such unbelievable... read more
  • Mark Newhouse Avatar
    Mark Newhouse
    Brooklyn, NY
    Thank you for an amazing trip. We all had an amazing time!! We returned to our routine filled with renewed energy and strength. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to South Africa...
  • Eli Labkowski Avatar
    Eli Labkowski
    Brooklyn, NY
    Had a amazing trip with Glatt safari,
    Starting from the food to the activities everything was arranged perfectly and well organized.
  • Pearl Barr Avatar
    Pearl Barr
    5 star rating
    Channel and Mimi did a great job of coordinating our 12-day safari. We had a little trouble with our flight to Johannesburg but they fixed everything up and we met up with the group without any major losses. It was... read more
  • Jacob Engelberg Avatar
    Jacob Engelberg
    Pisgat Zeev, Jerusalem
    Dear Chananel, Thank you for organizing a great trip for us. We enjoyed the excellent tour guides and food. All the activities were perfectly coordinated and timed, so we could maximize our benefit.
  • R' Gary (Gedalya) & Janice Feder Avatar
    R' Gary (Gedalya) & Janice Feder
    Har Nof, Jerusalem
    "From touchdown in Johannesburg, till take off 12 days later from Victoria Falls, each day was better than the previous. Your efforts to provide beautiful, comfortable hotels, good transportation, and super sights to see were very special. The three freshly... read more
  • D"r Michael Akerman
    New York
    5 star rating
    We visited South Africa - the Capetown and Johannesburg areas - while travelling there for our daughters wedding.

    Everything was wonderful
    - the country, the people and the services provided by Glatt Safari.
    We especially appreciate that Mr....
    read more
  • Yanky W - Stone Worx Avatar
    Yanky W - Stone Worx
    Williamsburg, NY
    Don’t know where to start.....
    My wife and I were dreaming about an Africa trip for years, we finally decided to go, but planning was very confusing, we found Glatt Safaris online and with one phone call our dream vacation...
    read more
  • Dr. Moshe Tarshansky Avatar
    Dr. Moshe Tarshansky
    Har Homa, Jerusalem
    Dear Chananel and the Glatt Safari staff,
    We have just returned from a wonderful experience, visiting Cape Town and the Victoria Falls. Only after being there do we realize how much we should appreciate your planning of our trip, thinking of...
    read more
  • Boruch Weingarten Avatar
    Boruch Weingarten
    Spring Valley, NY
    The trip was incredible! The lodge at Kruger , the world class team of chefs . The trips and activities in Capetown, the tour guide Malcom.
    Everything was A1 .
    Highly recommend Chananel and Glatt Safari
    He makes the trip...
    read more
  • Michael Strasberg Avatar
    Michael Strasberg
    5 star rating
    Chananel and Mimi Green of Glatt Safaris did a fantastic job organizing and carrying out the proverbial "trip of a lifetime," at a very reasonable price. Everything was very well organized, flights, hotels, game drives, sightseeing--everything you would want to... read more
  • Ellen Clyman Avatar
    Ellen Clyman
    Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem
    If you want to experience Africa, with good people, in a kosher way we highly recommend Glatt Safari. The itinerary keeps you moving and the food was great and just keeps coming.
    A trip you will not forget and will...
    read more
  • Nesia Trachtenberg Avatar
    Nesia Trachtenberg
    Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
    Chananel Green and the Glatt Safaris team!!! We would like to thank you for organising us a honey moon that met a standard of perfection! You ensured a well planned trip with assistance every step of the way. We had... read more
  • George Karasik
    New York
    5 star rating
    My husband and I were looking for a kosher tour to S Africa that would include safari, visit to Capetown and visit to the Victoria Falls. The Glatt Safari itinerary included those things but in fact it included many more... read more
  • Dove Henig Avatar
    Dove Henig
    Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
    Any expression of thanks will be insufficient! We would like, however, to acknowledge your care, concern and devotion. We felt well-looked after and spoiled! The constant thought that you put into ensuring that everything would run well enabled the success... read more
  • Yocheved Bauman Avatar
    Yocheved Bauman
    Monsey, NJ
    Wow! What an amazing experience! We had such an amazing family vacation! Thank you so much for everything! Chananel was so accommodating and attentive to everyone’s needs!
    The Bauman Family
  • Chesky Klein Avatar
    Chesky Klein
    Brooklyn, NY
    Thank you Chananel for an amazing trip! Everything was amazing. The food and chefs were excellent. Accommodations and trips were superb. Couldn't have asked for a better trip. Absolutely fantastic!
  • Tanchum & Shulamit Glick Avatar
    Tanchum & Shulamit Glick
    Beit Shemesh
    The most excellent company! pampering! Taking care of every detail however small, giving you the best feeling. Couldn't have been better. Worth every penny!
  • Doug Stanger Avatar
    Doug Stanger
    Animals, Places, People, Food all Great. Enjoy.
  • Vivi Sheinfeld Avatar
    Vivi Sheinfeld
    Bnei Brak
    It was pleasant, tasty and very interesting, enriches and expands horizons.
    Thank you so much for this experience! Vivi
  • David Berger Avatar
    David Berger
    Teaneck, NJ
    My wife and I just returned from 10 wonderful days. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. It was action packed with fun and exciting activities from beginning to end. The Glatt Kosher food was pleantiful,... read more
  • Tova Kohn Avatar
    Tova Kohn
    L.A. California
    We had an amazing trip from beginning to end. Beyond and above all our expectations. Had a blast, crowd was fabulous, food was scrumptious, lodgings were 5 star and Chananol and Mimi’s hospitality and graciousness was superb. Thank you to... read more
  • Gail Weinreb Avatar
    Gail Weinreb
    Queens, NY
    5 star rating
    We had a fantastic time. Everything was very well organized. The accommodations were upscale. The food was fabulous. The sites were out of this world. This was really a trip of a lifetime. The people in... read more
  • Shmulik Halperin Avatar
    Shmulik Halperin
    Bnei Brak
    Dear Chananel. The trip was absolutely fantastic! You thought of all the details. And as far as food is concerned - the meals were so tasty, in abundance and beyond. Also the local guides were so friendly thanks to you,... read more
  • Chanan Kaufman Avatar
    Chanan Kaufman
    Monsey, NY
    Wonderful trip Chananel & Mimi are so dedicated to the experience for all the participants. They work very hard and produce a superb tour and top of the line Glatt meals. Highly recommended.
  • AJ Gindi Avatar
    AJ Gindi
    New Jersey
    5 star rating
    This was by far one of the best trips in my life! Not only was the host of the trip (Chanania) accomidating in every way possible, he went out of his way to make sure ALL our needs we were... read more
  • Tamara Steinman
    Cedarhurst, New York
    5 star rating
    Chananel from Glatt Safari planned our entire trip from A-Z. He was a pleasure to work with and took all our needs and budget into consideration. He planned the most amazing experience for us in South Africa. I... read more
  • Yaacov Sluzch Avatar
    Yaacov Sluzch
    Neve Yaacov, Jerusalem
    Chananel, the trip was amazing! Everything was so well organized, from the beautiful and excellent hotel and the delicious meals to the organization of the trip in the safari, Victoria falls, the cruise and the helicopter flight! Thank you thank you!!
  • Itzchak Harari Avatar
    Itzchak Harari
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    5 star rating
    The food was great, tasty and hot, kosher for Jews, crispy, with great abundance without any problems, strongly recommend.
  • Avrom & Esther Henry Avatar
    Avrom & Esther Henry
    Manchester, UK
    You worked so hard to make such a memorable and incredible trip! We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. And not only did we enjoy every single second but you made the whole group into... read more
  • Hadar Israel Avatar
    Hadar Israel
    Bnei Brak
    Thank you so much for the stunning trip. Magical landscapes and wonderful nature and all while worrying for strictly Kosher LeMehadrin food In abundance, In every place and time. Thanks for your concern, caring and listening to everyone's needs in... read more
  • Yehudith Podolski Avatar
    Yehudith Podolski
    Beit Shemesh
    Chananel & Mimi Green This has been a trip that we'll never forget! You asking why? What was so special? The answer is - everything! Absolutely everything!! The organization and attention to small details and the way you treated us,... read more
  • Mendy Hershkop Avatar
    Mendy Hershkop
    Brooklyn, NY
    We had an incredible experience! Glatt safaris had it all! Great chefs, tour guides and everything else! When we will be back we will be using them again.
  • Yeshaia Tarshish Avatar
    Yeshaia Tarshish
    Brooklyn, NY
    5 star rating
    This was a great trip that Glatt Safaris put together.
    We stayed in magnificent accommodations and were provided first class dinning.
    We stayed 3 days in the greater Kruger park and 4 days in Cape Town.
    Glatt Safaris took care...
    read more
  • Yonah Adelman Avatar
    Yonah Adelman
    Har Nof, Jerusalem
    If you're looking for a Glatt Kosher Safari tour, with Victoria Falls and Capetown thrown in, as well, this tour is for you.
    My wife and I and our 4 children have just returned from an absolutely wonderful and memorable tour.
    read more
  • Chagit Van gelder Avatar
    Chagit Van gelder
    Ramat Sharett, Jerusalem
    Dear Chananel. We had a fantastic experience. We met Africa with its unique nature. We had the opportunity to use all our senses, including the sense of taste.
    Delicious food, fantastic company, all in your professional, courteous, and organized care...
    read more

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